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Structured Trade and Commodity Finance.

Connecting Capital with Global Trade

We finance transactions not Companies. We are not a lender in a traditional manner and we do not provide loans to companies. All funding that we provide is repaid upon completion of the transaction and our exposure ends at that point.


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Connecting Capital with Global Trade

"We have to get back to basics on trade: explain to people again and again trade benefits both parties, and is at the heart of our welfare and that of emerging economies of every generation throughout history"

Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner designate, Trade College of Europe

Mission Statement

Synthesis Group of Companies

We were meant to be in a fine global society since the 1990s when the internet age started getting into everyone’s life. What did we achieve though except from living with a higher degree of uncertainty? We must synchronise our world by funding altogether global trade as we have been doing for centuries the stock and bond markets. Trade is the blood of our world’s economy and trade finance experts around the world today, also, have the technological means to monitor sufficiently funded transactions from A-Z for reducing risk, and eliminating fraud. The funding of global trade currently produces 6.5% annual returns when $Libor is 2.5%, 5% when Euríbor is 0% and all that because 70% of our planet’s GDP derives from SMEs and not from large conglomerates like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba. If we don’t start funding global trade altogether by placing Structured Trade & Commodity Finance as one of the main Asset Classes then our world’s economy will stagnate, pensions depending on returns from traditional bond and stock market investments will not be able to cover their liabilities, among other perils our kids and following generations will face.

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