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Structured Trade and Commodity Finance.

Connecting Capital with Global Trade

We finance transactions not Companies. We are not a lender in a traditional manner and we do not provide loans to companies. All funding that we provide is repaid upon completion of the transaction and our exposure ends at that point.


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Connecting Capital with Global Trade
With So Much Uncertainty in Your Life, Do You Really need it in Your Investments Too?

Synthesis is focused on transactional activity that adds real value to the global economy. This creates tangible economic and social benefits, rather than speculating on markets going up or down without adding anything to the underlying productivity. This approach offers an additional benefit to investors, in that it is not correlated to mainstream investments in stocks and bonds, thereby usefully diversifying portfolios against adverse market movements.

We’re not doing anything complicated and we don’t take large risks

We are simply giving regular investors access to low-risk, global lending opportunities that up until now have been the exclusive domain of large banks.

World Trade Organisation members will export this year over USD 9 trillion of raw commodities

Over 80% will rely upon trade finance

Over 80% will rely upon trade finance.

We provide financing to facilitate that trade. Whether it is exports from Asia or sunflower seeds from Eastern Europe, we step in to provide the financing that enables goods to get from one destination to another. We develop long-standing relationships so that we understand each transaction.

Over half of global exports in the sector are by SMEs. Most of them don’t have access to large investment banks or unlimited cash facilities and this is where we step in to help.

Benefits for investors

Uncorrelated, Steady Returns

Trade finance offers investors continual returns on their investment, regardless of market conditions or commodity prices.


All of the loans that we make are based upon the value of the underlying commodity being transported. On top of that, we continually monitor the creditworthiness of the borrower itself as an additional layer of protection.


As well as insulating you from volatility in stocks and bonds, our portfolio is diversified across geographies, companies and commodities.

Social Responsibility

Our loans are made to SMEs trying to finance their businesses. From farmers in Latin America to small business owners in Europe and Africa, our loans provide much needed help.